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Firewall Help

  1. Where can I find a firewall ... ?
  2. Monitoring usage via an iptables firewall... ?
  3. Why doesn't Linux come with a firewall... ?
  4. Who needs a firewall ... ?
  5. What is a firewall ... ?
  6. When do you install a firewall ... ?
  7. tcd Firewall Help

Where can I find a firewall ... ?

You can download tcd-Firewall (runs on Linux)
You can use iptables and script one yourself.
Other solutions are available like loading a product called Webmin and use the web firewall interface to construct your firewall.
You can download and use Shorewall

If you require hardware for your firewall then you can get one from tcd IT Solutions on a rental system "hardware included" on a monthly basis, or purchase the firewall from tcd and run it on a Linux server platform.
Full support on the installation and configuration for both the Linux system and the firewall can be done by tcd.

You can download firewall products from the internet and install and configure them yourself.

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Monitoring usage via an iptables firewall ... ?

A brilliant and easy document by Gerard Beekmans from "follow the link" will explain how to add monitoring to an iptables firewall.
The only short coming to this document is for newbie's trying to get their firewalls working. Reading through documents on firewalling "iptables" it seems to be a common point that no one discusses.

The short coming

This has worked for us

We must always remember that the last rule must be to block all. This is useful when a rule does not match it blocks the access therefore securing your network.

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Why doesn't Linux come with a firewall... ?

Linux does come with a firewall, IPTABLES, and you can script one yourself. Good reading would start on the internet by searching IPTABLES and seeing what it can do for you. On a default Linux installation a minor firewall configuration is done, you can add to this configuration tailoring it to your needs.

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Who needs a firewall ... ?

Everyone which is connected to the internet requires a firewall. It is recommended even if you are on an ADSL line. Don't let anyone tell you that no one can get into your ADSL line, too many clever people out there and the possibility exists.

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What is a firewall ... ?

A firewall is protection against the outside world on the internet. Much like the building protection laws were firewalls are built between two building to protect the other incase of a fire. An internet firewall protects you against others coming into your company network and damaging or stealing your information.

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When do you install a firewall ... ?

Firewalls need to be installed when you get you internet connection. Protection from the start always makes more sense.

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tcd firewall Help ... ?

Known problems and solutions for the tcd Firewall.
Remember the tcd Firewall runs on IPTABLES and this solution can be used in conjunction with other iptables configured firewalls

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