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Type only what's in bold. Files downloaded from this site are files we have had success with and tested with. Updated versions can be obtained from the accompanied download sites. Any scripts written are written for the specific files on this site

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  1. How do I install a FTP server ... ?
  2. What is tcd-Menu ... ?
  3. Postfix server error 550 client host rejected ... ?
  4. Remote network printing via Vista with WIN98... ?
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How do I install a FTP server ... ?

Download the following file
Run the following command (on Fedora/Redhat),
rpm -U
If you do not have Webmin loaded install it now, the easiest way to configure FTP server is with the Webmin interface.
You can download Webmin from here or from for the latest version of Webmin.

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What is tcd-Menu ... ?

tcd-Menu is a script written to install multiple applications. From your Linux prompt you run the tcd-Menu script file. The following menu option currently exist for installation of:-

Postfix mail server
Clam Antivirus server
FTP Server

The applications will be installed depending on your selection. Webmin can be used to configure these applications or if you are an advanced Linux user you can edit the files manually.
! More applications will be added. Currently looking at adding configuration for some of the applications

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Postfix Error:- 550 Client host rejected: cannot find your hostname

The mail server - source IP address which is trying to send mail to does not have proper reverse DNS entries. In other words the IP address from which the mail is being sent could not be converted back to a host name. The owner of that mail server and their ISP (the holder of the DNS entry) needs to correct this issue in order for mail to flow properly.
You can disable this in postfix to not check the reverse DNS entry but of course this will open your server for spam mail.
For more detail and the fix download the PDF file Postfix Error:-550

You can get more help on these error codes by checking out this Email Error Code Guide

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Vista Remote printing Setup with WIN98... ?

Remote network shared printing via Vista!

After a lot of research on the net and testing it on a working system, I have finally found something that works.

From a DOS prompt (Type command in the "start search" section of the start menu) type this:

net use LPT# \\server\printer /persistent:yes

This is the actual workstation\server where the printer is shared and the actual printer share name.

LPT1 \\SERVER\HPLASER / persistent:yes

substituting for #, server, and printer as appropriate for your network.

Then add your printer locally using the LPT# port. I used LPT1 because my laptop has no parallel cable and I don't think I'll use LPT1 for anything else.
This works and the printer does NOT go offline permanently if you turn off the computer.

Connect more than one printer

If you require to connect more than one printer shared on WIN98 then use the steps above BUT substitute your LPT# with the next available number
E.G. if you have used LPT1 the use LPT2

Repairing when you have a problems

If you cannot print
    reboot the machine the printer is connected to   
    make sure it is the first machine on

still not working then
    go to a command prompt "DOS prompt" and type the following
    net use LPT# /delete
    THEN redo steps above 

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Outlook send same message multiple times ... ?

It seems Outlook can only handle an x number of emails in it's sent item folder being size or quantity.

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When is ... ?

[This is the answer to the question.]

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