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Olson Brothers cc was established in 1999 to service the Infrastructural Technology (IT) industry on all levels, including the Local Area Networking (LAN) and the Wide Area Networking (WAN) sectors.

In addition to sales and services, the company also offers support of all major operating systems (OS) and hardware platforms (E.G. Unix, Linux, Netware, Microsoft),  extending our business to support firewalls on Linux and Microsoft.

Olson Brothers purchased an established company (est. 1990 as a sole proprietary) in 1999 named TechCon Development. This company was made part of Olson Brothers cc in 1999 to increase our market share, whilst still maintaining the company name.

In 2000, an Application Development Department was established under the Olson Brothers cc company name, writing custom applications according to the client's specific needs. Having SQL or Access database as the back end, and developing the application with Visual Basic as the front end. The applications carry the Olson Brothers cc serialisation, and the support provided by our highly qualified technical and development teams.

Carrying this name into the newly created company Olson Brothers cc, the company continued to trade as TechCon Development on the Olson Brothers books. This company was already an IT support contracting company. By adding TechCon Development into our company infrastructure, we added additional services and grew both companies to maintain our existing client base, as well as growing our new client base.

By adding an Internet Company to our list of already provided services, it increased our market share and provided broader services to our clients.

We have now entered the end user home market, providing internet services to the home user on analog dialup connections and ISDN, where Telkom can assist in installing the ISDN connectivity.

From our Corporate services support company TechCon Development, we currently provide a large amount of inter network connectivity and support.

Moving into a new era in 2004 we reregistered our company as  a PTY LTD and incorporating all the current companies into our newly established group of companies.

tcd Holdings (Pty) Ltd (Holding all the group of companies together)

  We currently provide the following services to our client base:-