Additional Services


Additional services we can provide

Price List

Yearly Fees

Business Card size advert in your geographical region. R650.00 P/Y
Single Page Advert "Routed from Bus-Card Advert" R380.00 P/Y
Link to you current Website R120.00 P/Y

Weekly Fees

Running Adverts "Image"

Front Page R150.00
Province R120.00
Province Area R100.00

Running Adverts "Text"

Front Page R100.00
Province R80.00
Province Area R60.00

 Website Design, Hosting and Domain registrations

Website Design R1480.00
Requires Own Domain. Includes a 5 page website having a home, contacts, facilities, photo gallery, specials pages. Pages can be re-shuffled as long as it remains 5 pages. All graphic images and verbatim must be provided.

Webpage Design R380.00
A full page advert of your facilities and contact details, may have some images in. Runs on tcd Tourism's website.

Hosting "With own name" E.G.
Website hosting R1080.00 P/Y
Email domain hosting "10 Email addresses" R1080.00 P/Y
Website and Email domain hosting "10 Email addresses" R1480.00 P/Y
Additional Email addresses R150.00 P/Y OR R15.00 P/M each

Domain Registrations and Renewals
Domain registrations "includes first year DNS listings R275.00
* Domain renewal "Happens yearly" includes DNS listing R240.00

  • Conditions Do Apply

* Some of these costs can be divided into monthly charges.
* Please request the monthly payments, as they do increase when paying monthly.
* Running adverts can run on a per day basis.
* Internet Campaigning must be paid upfront as it is a Pay As You Go service. This protects you from large bills  which are not budgeted for .

* Internet domain registration

Register you hotels name by doing this you can host both the website and have email addresses 

* Website design and hosting

  • Single page  (A page that will give the vital information, a picture, the address "GPS co-ordinates", contact details ETC..)
    Full website (5 Page website with a photo gallery)

* Search Engine facilities

In conjunction with Google we create  search campaigns which will give you the upper hand when accommodation is searched for in your geographical area.  This will be run as a pay as you go service.
For more in detailed information please send email to


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