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The Northern Cape is noted for its San rock art, diamond diggings, 4X4 safaris and the Kgalagadi Wildlife Park It is a vast stretch of semi-desert land. The distance from the capital, Kimberley, on the eastern border to Springbok (in the west) is more than 900km.

It is a large, dry region of fluctuating temperatures and varying topographies. As the most arid part of South Africa it offers the visitor an experience that is not elsewhere available.

Northern Cape Attractions


Every Spring (August to September), the Northern Cape comes alive with vast fields of daisies in a natural splash of vivid colour. Fed by winter rains, the flower grounds of Namaqualand are a photographer's delight.

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

One of Africa's great parks. The Kalahari Gemsbok National Park (South Africa) and Gemsbok National Park (Botswana) have been formed into a transfrontier park of over 3,6 million ha. A rugged wildlife sanctuary with 3 rest camps & abundance of game.

The Big Hole at Kimberley

The famous five-hundred-metre wide cavity that sits at a depth of around 240m was dug manually by pick and shovel by diamond miners (during the gold rush days), and is known to be the largest man-made excavation sight in the world. This ‘Big Hole’ remains the major attraction for visitors to this part of the world.

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